Why PUBG Mobile is so Addictive and Irresistible ?

Why PUBG Mobile is so Addictive
Why PUBG Mobile is so Addictive

Why PUBG Mobile is so Addictive?

It’s a very simple question but it comes with lots of answers. PUBG Mobile was launched almost a year ago and only in one year this game has touched various records. Its initial release date was 9 February in China and its worldwide release was in March 2018. It wasn’t an instant hit in its starting days but as more players started to know about the game its popularity rose significantly. So in this post from Technocurrent, we will be discussing the main factors why PUBG Mobile is so addictive.


Why PUBG Mobile is so Addictive

Main Factors For Addictiveness Of PUBG Mobile:

1] Fast-Paced Action Battles:

If you play PUBG Mobile you know how intense a battle gets in a matter of seconds. Fully action-filled battles are what makes PUBG Mobile a game which can be played the whole day. It becomes very good for casual as well as for professional gamers to be engaged at something that keeps them stuck and can get you some money too.

2] Marketing Strategies:

Another thing which kept PUBG Mobile was its marketing techniques used. It started tieing up with major market players as soon as it started to get popular.

Why PUBG Mobile is so Addictive

It hosted various competitions with well-qualified members and they become very successful in it. Now the number of online competitions are also growing which is also boosting the popularity of PUBG Mobile among gamers and other people.

3] Gaming Communities:

Its online gaming community is now one of the world biggest gaming communities in the world. Million of players play PUBG Mobile every day. Now many online streamers are rising and making a career in gaming. People have started to earn money from streaming PUBG mobile and hosting interesting matches. Many professional gamers have now very well-grown channels on YouTube and are earning good money from it.

4] Lots Of Customisation:

PUBG mobile offers a lot of customization to the game. A player can set controls according to his own personal preferences. If a player has an iPad he can set controls according to it, if a player has a smartphone he can choose his personal controls. And moreover, they are customizable too.

5] Free To Download:

At last, what made PUBG Mobile an online gaming sensation was that it is free to download across all platforms. While its PC version does costs its mobile version is fully free to be downloaded on smartphones.

So best of Luck for your next Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile.


Requirements For PUBG Mobile:

  • Requires a persistent internet connection.
  • Recommended specs for getting the most out of PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM.

So this was all about in today’s post that Why PUBG Mobile is so Addictive.



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