Why Mortal Is So Good In PUBG Mobile And How To Play Like Him

Why Mortal Is So Good In PUBG Mobile

Why Mortal Is So Good In PUBG Mobile:

Being a pro player manes you have a very good hand over every gun in PUBG Mobile. We saw the rise of SOUL Mortal in previous some months very sharply. How he become so good in PUBG Mobile. Tips and Tricks he uses to stay so much professional in PUBG Mobile. So, in this article, we will discuss Why Mortal Is So Good In PUBG Mobile and How you can become like him.

1] Choose You Landing Very Wisely:

The first step in PUBG Mobile is to choose your landing spot very wisely. In Mortal’s case, his favorite place is between Novorepnoye and Georgopol. As most times he and his teammates always go to these two places with lots of creates. He has mastered the skill of killing players in these two places. His strategic skills are very impressive and he can be very dangerous in one on one battles.


Why Mortal Is So Good In PUBG Mobile


His flanking and other skills including faster reaching the landing spot are very good. So, for you the tip must be to improve your parachuting skills as landing faster than enemies is very important to survive and get better guns and then ultimately Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


2] Practice More And Learn To Control Gun Recoil:

If you want to master guns then you must practice hard in the training mode. As it is well said that Practice Makes a man perfect. Mortal has said many times that he uses training mode to control the recoil of guns, In this way, you can master two or three guns very precisely that can help you in close combat battles.


How To Control Recoil:

For this, you need to pick a gun in training mode and start shooting. Now observe how much the gun goes upwards when you shoot. Then when you shoot to try to swipe downwards slowly from your right thumb. It will help you to control the recoil of the gun in a much better way. So start practicing more in the training mode. As all 7.62mm guns have more damage then 5.56mm Guns. But the recoil in 7.62mm guns is very hard to master.


So try to master guns which uses 7.62mm bullets. It will help you to kill your enemy faster. Also when in a close combat battle try to jump and shoot as it will help you to dodge from your enemy bullets. And shoot your enemy while dodging his bullets. This way you will have more chance of killing your enemy then he kills you first.

3] Have A Good Pair Of Smartphone And Headphones:

Now comes to another major point. Having a good smartphone is also a necessary aspect of the game. Mortal uses an iPad and Asus ROG smartphone. Both of these can play PUBG Mobile very efficiently. So, if you want to be pro in the game then get a smartphone which can play the game without any lag. Like many times when an enemy shoots you, the GPU crashes and your games start to lag. Which eventually kills you in the game.

With a good smartphone, you must have a good set of headphones too. As sound plays a major role when an enemy pursue you or you try to kill an enemy inside a house. The sound is what helps pro players to predict the placement of other players and kill them in an instant.

So get yourself a good smartphone and headphones set and then you can be like Mortal in no time.

4] Always Keep Less Distance To Your Squad:

When you play in squad always try to keep a minimum distance from your squad. Like many times when you are far from your squad, you might bump into a good player who might kill you. So always stay with your squad so that they can have your back when you get into a fight with enemies.


In Mortal’s case, he and his teammates always stay together and have confidence in each other’s skills. They always push into houses very strategically and always get to kill the enemy players.

So staying with your squad members is a must as it might help you to survive more time. And can help you to get more experience in the game.

5] Use Your Grenades Intelligently When Pushing Into a House:

Now coming to another tip on Why Mortal Is So Good In PUBG Mobile. His Grenading skills have evolved very well. He knows how to cook and throw the grenade at the best moment. His grenade almost gets the enemy every time he throws them. Grenades plays an important role whenever you pushes into a house.

Why Mortal Is So Good In PUBG Mobile

Cooking a grenade and then throwing it onto the enemy must be preferred. As during pushing into a house if grenade knocks one or two enemies then it becomes more easy to push as it becomes 4 players versus three or two. In it, you have more chances of killing the enemy players.

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6] Carry 2 Vehicle When Circle falls In Open Area With No Cover:

This tip plays an important role when the final circle falls into the open. When it happens you must carry two vehicles and burst them as soon as possible. As it will make a good cover for you while other players become more exposed in open without cover. This technique is most widely used nowadays after many pro players exhibit the importance of cover in open circle.

So when the circle is in open try to carry more vehicles to make them a good cover for you. As once the vehicles get burst then you can have a good cover for yourself for preventing yourself into getting hit by enemy bullets.

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