Who Are India’s Top 5 Youtubers With 10 Million+ In 2019(April-May)

India’s Top 5 Youtubers:

So, you must have heard of various Youtubers in India who grew very rapidly with their content. With the effect of Jio, more and more people were connected to the internet. And hence these YouTubers also got into limelight with their creative content. In this list, we will be discussing India’s Top 5 Youtubers who have crossed the mark of 10 million.

1] Amit Bhadana:

So this guy here got very famous with his funny content. His videos are mainly based on desi lifestyles. He also released a song named Parichay. The song became very famous has currently 37 million views on Youtube. He has his team of various friends working together making funny content for people.

India's Top 5 Youtubers

He also casts various models in his videos. The videos scripts are written by him personally and he tries to provide the best content to his audience.


Currently, he has 14,698960 subscribers on his channel. His video views are about to cross 1 billion with currently video views around 978,322,416 as of writing this article. He has grown very well in the last year. His content got very viral on the internet and he got a great boost to his Youtube channel.


Now coming to his earning they are approximately around 90,000 USD to 1.5 Million USD. This is all his yearly Youtube earning. In Indian currency, this is about 2.5 crores to 5 crores. The amount is huge but it can fluctuate with Adsense ads being having less CPC at different times. Also, he gets various sponsorships from many brands who like to promote their products from Social celebrities.

2] BB Ki Vines:

Now coming to everybody’s favorite Indian Youtuber Bhuvan Bam’s channel BB Ki Vines. He has one of the best quality content on his channel. He has a very interesting story behind this channel. As one of his videos went viral in a college in Pakistan.


And after the modernization of the internet in India, there was no stopping to BB Ki Vines as a channel and to Bhuvan as a person. He plays various characters in his videos or vines which people love very much. He is one of the most followed Youtuber on Instagram too with a whopping 6.3 million follower base.

India's Top 5 Youtubers

Apart from his funny content on Youtube, his real passion is singing. He has uploaded 5 music videos on his channel and his singing skills are very good as most of them have more than 10 million views. His first song was Teri Meri Kahaani. He also collaborated with various channels and people loved his acting skills in those videos.


His Youtube channel has currently 13,495,733 subscribers and video views are at 1,706,873,923. On the basis of subscriber rank, he ranks on 215th. Now coming to his earning they are also around 3-6 crores per annum. But these are not exact earning as they can fluctuate.

3] Technical Guruji:

One of the most subscribed channel in terms of Tech content-related videos. His real name is Gaurav Chaudhary and currently lives in Dubai. His professional work is of security system worker with Dubai Police. He started this channel as a part-time for video reviews and other content. But the channel grew very quickly with his social media marketing skills.

India's Top 5 Youtubers


Now coming to his channel has currently about 12,575,944 subscribers on his Youtube channel. And the views of his overall videos are now 1,173,648,234. His earnings are very varied as he has two youtube channels other being based on his personal life including vlogs etc. They are approximately about 50 lakhs to 3 crores per annum.


Recently he got into a controversy related to being a paid reviewer. This affected his growth very much as people had a faith in him that he is a true reviewer of tech gadgets. But his controversies has slowed down his growth. But he has not stopped making videos and which is a good thing for any youtuber.

4] Ashish Chanchalani Vines:

Another funny content Viner who has a very huge fan base in India. His funny voice and acting have impressed his audience very well. His channel Ashish Chanachalni was a step to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an actor. During his school days, Ashish was very fond of acting as his father has a cinema. He used to watch various movies in the theater and become find of acting. He is a huge fan of Akshay Kumar.

India's Top 5 Youtubers

When he grew he knew that he has to become an actor as the study wasn’t going well for him. So he went to his father and asked him that he wants to become an actor. But when his father gave him the practical knowledge of the struggle a person has to do, he left that dream. Then he started to focus on his studies and got good grades in his school. After that, he got admission to a good college in Engineering.

But he wasn’t satisfied with things happening in his life. Then one day he saw a short video on social media about vines. And then when he found that there is no major Viner in the country. He started making short vines but got a negative response in initial days. But then his friend suggested him to make some quality content. And taking his advice seriously he started to make good quality content.

Then one of his videos went very viral and his channel started to grow instantly. Now his channel Ashish Chanachlani Vines has about 12 million subscribers, His videos views are at 1,063,463,472 which is a huge number for any youtube content creator. His annual earning stand between 70 lakhs to 2.5 crores.

5] Sandeep Maheshwari:

Now on the list of India’s Top 5 Youtubers, we have Sandeep Maheshwari.One of the most renowned personality in terms of motivational speaking. Sandeep Maheshwari hosts various seminars across many places in the country. He talks on many daily life topics like how to improve your confidence and skills. He has a very good grip on his way of talking and expressing himself to his audience.

India's Top 5 Youtubers


His Youtube channel has 10,196,363 subscribers till date. And his video views ranks at 539,464,373 views. He hasn’t monetized his youtube channel so his earnings are unknown to me on the basis of Youtube earnings. But he earns approximately. 50-80 lakhs per annum with his seminars.

So this was all about in this topic of India’s Top 5 Youtubers.

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