Which Is The Best VPN Trick For Free Items In PUBG Mobile

Best VPN Trick For Free Items In PUBG Mobile:

So, you must have heard of various VPN tricks on various platforms. in these tricks, people are connecting their smartphones via VPN to various countries, And then they are getting many items for free or for fewer prices very easily. In this article, I will discuss with you about the realities of these tricks that are they real or fake. So let’s start our article of Best VPN Trick For Free Items In PUBG Mobile.

Best Countries To Get Free Items In PUBG Mobile:

  • Thailand:

So in Thailand players are getting a neon green UMP9 skin by Silver fragments. It is very impressive skin as you can see in the image below. To get this skins you can download Express VPN for Play Store and can connect to any Thailand servers. Express VPN gives you the best lowest ping possible. So do check it out. After connecting it with Thailand just open PUBG Mobile and go to Redeem section. There you will find UMP9 with neon green skin. You can easily buy it on a permanent basis by Silver fragments.

 Best VPN Trick For Free Items In PUBG Mobile

  • Japan:

Another country by which you can get some free items is by connecting to Japan. When you connect with Japan server via VPN. It will gift you 5 crate coupons and 30 injection items.

You can use these injections to buy spring crates which gifts various gun skins and vehicles skins as well as attractive clothes. It also gifts you 2500 BP. you just need to go to message section after opening PUBG Mobile.

  • Taiwan:

By connecting to Taiwan servers you can easily get one Classic crate coupon. it also gifts parachute skins, One Pan Skin, and shark head skins for 20 days.

 Best VPN Trick For Free Items In PUBG Mobile

The skins are very good and can be used easily. As you just need to connect your VPN to Taiwan.


Best VPN For These Tricks:

For using these tricks you can use Express VPN. It is one of the most secure and trusted VPN available on Play store. You can also buy its subscription for better data speeds and enhanced security. you can download it from the link given below.




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