Where is the location of RPD in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

location of RPD in PUBG Mobile

So, PUBG Mobile’s latest update which came with a new Zombie Mode is all over the internet now. New Weapons like Flamethrower, Combat Knife and Gatlin Gun have made this new mode, even more, better and interesting. But people are getting amazed by a new Building in Zombie Mode titled as RPD. In this article, we will discuss the location of RPD in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode.

Location of RPD in PUBG Mobile:

Typically this new building does not appear in every match as many players have experienced it. its location is very random at all. As it can appear in one match while doesn’t appear in next match.

 location of RPD in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode the location of RPD is somewhat near the shelters on the map. Though it is not available on the map in PUBG Mobile. It is just beside the big building near shelters on the map.

 location of RPD in PUBG Mobile

There is a special high powered Zombie inside the building and is a very dangerous place to go inside without your squad. The Big alien is called G(Stage 1) and he is very powerful as his one single blow can get you a lot of damage.

So if you are thinking to go inside this new building must go with your full squad. As there are lots of Zombies inside the building which can kill you easily when they come in hordes.

How to Kill G (STAGE 1) In Zombie Mode:

  • Just gather your weapons with enough ammo.
  • Take your whole squad with you.
  • Must watch out for other real players other than you.
  • Then just shoot and shoot at him with your guns.
  • It can take about a minute for your whole squad to kill him.
  • Then just loots his crate and go for the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.





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