What’s New In PUBG Mobile Season 7, New Weapons and More

PUBG Mobile Season 7

PUBG Mobile Season 7:

So PUBG Mobile has touched various records in the past year. It has entered into its Season 6 and its popularity is still on rising. There is no other game any major tough competition to the game. From adults to children everyone plays PUBG Mobile on their smartphones. Though there were some controversies in the past few months due to over addictiveness of the game. But that time is gone. In this article, we will be discussing major things on PUBG Mobile Season 7.

What To Expect From Season 7:

1] New Clothes:

So in next season, PUBG Mobile will be introducing many new dresses for its players. In Season 6 players are very impressed with the new clothes that were introduced in the game.

PUBG Mobile Season 7

Many Legendary and Epic dresses are available for players to buy. These dresses are going to very much loves among players.

2] New Gun Skins:

There are many chances that PUBG Mobile might add many new interesting Gun Skins in the game. Though there are already many skins for weapons available in the game. But players always want more from their game.

PUBG Mobile Season 7

So PUBG Mobile Season 7 will be having more new skins available for weapons in the game.

3] New Weapons:

In Season 7 of PUBG Mobile, all weapons in the Beta version are expected to be available in global version too. It means that you will be getting a Rocket Launcher in the game. Though it is only available Zombie Mode but still it is going to be fun to use the weapon in the game going to be fun to use the weapon in the game.PUBG Mobile Season 7

Also, there is another weapon which is an Explosive Crossbow. The weapon is very good at destroying squads and their vehicles at one shot. So these weapons are also going to be made available by PUBG Mobile.

4] New Vehicles:

There are many chances of some new vehicles being added in the next update of PUBG Mobile Season 7. In this season PUBG Mobile introduced a new three-person vehicle called Tukshai. It is only limited to Sanhok.

So there are slight chances of other new vehicles in one of the four maps. It will definitely make the game more fun and interesting to play.

5] Other Important Updates:

Royal Pass: In Royal Pass Season 7 players are going to get more benefits from other players. Players who buy Elite Plus Royal Pass will get some more benefits from Elite Royal Pass holders.

Other major bug fixes are also going to be fixed in the game.

So this was all about in this post of PUBG Mobile Season 7 news and other updates.



So this was all in this article stay tuned for more.

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