What Is India Bonus Challenge In PUBG Mobile

India Bonus Challenge In PUBG Mobile

India Bonus Challenge In PUBG Mobile:

So, finally PUBG Mobile has released information about India Bonus Challange. It is one of the most interesting aspects of the game. As it will let players change their BC into UC. In this article, we will discuss what is India Bonus Challenge In PUBG Mobile and how to enter it.

What is India Bonus Challenge:

So in this challenge, you need to do more and more battles in PUBG Mobile while registering in this challenge.

Steps To Enter India Bonus Challenge:

  • Spend UC to enter the Bonus Challenge.
  • Entry cost is different for various ranks including Novice, Adept, and Expert.
  • As points earned depends upon the rank you are playing.
  • If you earned one point it will be equal to 1 Battle Coin.
  • Then they will be sent to your account every Thursday by PUBG Mobile.

These coins can be used to buy various items in Bonus Challenge Shop. There are crates, weapon skins, clothes, and other various stuff. So this is a good way to get some new gun skins and clothes for your player for free by just playing games.

India Bonus Challenge In PUBG Mobile


In this image, we can see that various Gun Skin for AWM and other crates are available. The items in the shop will get refreshed as told by PUBG Mobile India.





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