Top 5 upcoming smartphones of the year 2019

Best 5 upcoming smartphones of the year 2019:

With continuous changes in technology and innovation, smartphones are getting most affected by it. From keypads to touch screens and now full display smartphones, a lot has changed in the last few years. More battery capacity, bigger displays, more screen to body ratio and now notches. A whole new arena of smartphone industry has taken its place. So in today’s post, we will be discussing major upcoming smartphones of the year 2019.


1]  New iPhones launch:

So best news for Apple lovers is that new iPhones will be launched next year. There will be a change in form factor. As we know Apple does like to change the design of its iPhones now and then.

upcoming smartphone 2019


So there must be quite a few tweaks in the design of new iPhones. However, the dual lens camera setup will be the same. So we can hope that Apple comes with a brand new design as it always does.


2] Samsung Galaxy S10:

With rumours of in-display fingerprint sensors, Snapdragon 855 Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ are most anticipates smartphones of the year 2019. With a variety in size of the display, they may be around 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches. While in camera segment they may be coming with triple or quad camera setup.


upcoming smartphone 2019

As Samsung has recently launched smartphones with quad camera setup. In personal view, I am also very excited to see what Samsung is going to do with these smartphones.

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3] Xiaomi Mi Mix 3:

Being the top seller of smartphones in the Indian subcontinent, Xiaomi is eyeing to launch its Mi Mix 3 soon in 2019. As Mi Mix line up is Xiaomi’s Flagship segment. So it needs to make sure everything is up to date in it.

upcoming smartphone 2019

As Mi Mix 1 does make headlines when it was launched. With the latest processor and Android version, it is going to be a treat to smartphone lovers.

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4]  Samsung Galaxy F:

In 2017 rumours were about a foldable smartphone by Samsung. But those rumours went away with 2107. But now in November 2018, Samsung unveiled its developer variant.


So it is sure that the public variant of the smartphone will be launched in 2019.

5]  5G smartphone by Samsung and LG:

With a partnership with Verizon, Samsung is working on a 5G device which might get launched around the first half of the year 2019.

upcoming smartphone 2019

While LG and Sprint are already working on a 5G enabled device which is going to be launched soon in 2019.

So it was all about the best 5 upcoming smartphones of the year 2019.

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