Top 3 Upcoming Features Of PUBG Mobile Which Might Get Inherited From PUBG PC

Top 3 Upcoming Features Of PUBG Mobile

​Top 3 Upcoming Features Of PUBG Mobile:


A recent update of PUBG PC came with some brand new features to the game. A new map, new vehicle and much more got released in the latest patch to the game. Some of these features are so mesmerizing that Mobile players are also looking to get these features into the Mobile version of the game. In this post, we will come across some of these Top 3 upcoming features of PUBG Mobile that might get inherited from PUBG PC.

#1 Erangel V2.0:

Recently a brand-new version of Erangel map named Erangel V2.0 got released on PUBG PC. There were lots of improvements in the map and PUBG PC players are loving this new map of their game. But as Erangel is all time favorite maps of lots of PUBG Mobile players too, so they are also expecting to see this map in Mobile version of the game too.

In PC version many building including Prison, Mylta Power got renewed in the new version of the map. Also, grass on the ground was also increased to give some upper hand to players who are new to the game as they get killed quickly as soon as a good player spots them.

#2 New Armored Vehicle:

In the latest update of PUBG PC, a grand armored vehicle got released in the game. The vehicle looks very cool and fun to ride. It covers you from all sides and hence your whole squad can ride safely from one place to another. The vehicle is also able to ride inside water bodies which makes it a perfect choice for preventing yourself from bridge camps and much more in-game tactics.

Top 3 Upcoming Features Of PUBG Mobile
Top 3 Upcoming Features Of PUBG Mobile

The vehicle is the favorite PUBG PC feature of various players now and they seek to ride the vehicle soon in PUBG Mobile too. We can expect that PUBG Mobile developers are looking to integrate some of the PUBG PC features into upcoming of PUBG Mobile.

#3 New Emotes:

There are many new emote in the PC version of the game that might get inherited in the future updates of the Mobile version. Currently, in the mobile version players can get new emote either from purchasing Royal Pass. Or either they come with some attires(outfits).

But various new emote might arrive soon which, are already available in the PC version of the game. Players love to use new emote when they are in-game as they have become a fun feature in the game.

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