5 Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile for Winning Every Game

tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

So here are we with post #9 of Technocurrent about “tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile”. In this post, I will be sharing 5 major tips for making your game better. PUBG Mobile has now become an online gaming sensation all over the world. High-quality graphics and action-filled gameplays are helping PUBG Mobile to stay ahead in the competition. Other Battle Royale games are struggling to reach to the standards PUBG Mobile is setting up. So let’s start our article on how you are going to get your next Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

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Tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile:

1] Choosing Best server:

So the first step in PUBG Mobile is to choose the best server for your game. Always choose the server which is near to you. As now servers in PUBG Mobile are continent based so choose your server according to place you live.

tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

The main reason behind this as when we a player choose server far away from his playing area. He must be facing a laggy gameplay as the ping get higher due to distance network. So choose that server which shows the lowest amount of ping while choosing a server.

  • Always use FLARE GUN this way for best results.

2] Setting up Graphics:

After it comes the step where you must choose graphics according to your mobile device. If your smartphone is a high-end Flagship then you can choose high graphics as it will be a less laggy gameplay.

tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

As flagship grade smartphones have better chipsets and more RAM to handle extensive graphics of PUBG Mobile. But if you have a low-specs smartphone specifically an Android phone. Then you must keep the graphics to low setting. As it will help you to get a less laggy gameplay.

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3] Customising Buttons and sensitivity:

Another major tweak in PUBG Mobile is to customize the on-screen buttons. For this, you can head to settings and then to controls. From there tap on customize to make some changes in the size of buttons. It can help you a lot during fast-paced action gameplay or during some close calls. As sometimes you can miss the fire button and get late to shoot enemy player and die first. So you must make changes in button size for better gameplay and improving your attacks.

tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

Now coming to sensitivity you must set your sensitivity for guns wisely. As sometimes during use of scope and play sensitivity plays an important role in it. Sometimes when sensitivity is high it can take time to adjust your target and shoot. It can be a major fallback in the game and can make you die soon.

tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

4] Enable peek and fire option:

Now coming to fourth tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile it is to enable peek and fire option. You can enable it from the settings menu. You need to go as follows:


tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

If you are playing in mobile then you must also enable peek and scope too. Also, select Lean Mode to “TAP”. And Scope Mode to also ‘TAP’. Its main function is when you are taking the cover of a tree or by a wall. There are signs like this:

tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile

It means you can select to peek from the side of a tree and shoot your enemy. It is a great technique to prevent any damage as only your head will be visible to the enemy. Hence it becomes difficult for the enemy player to shoot while you can see him clearly and kill him. So you must enable this option from settings menu as it increases your chances of winning the game.



5] Choose your landing wisely:


At last, it all depends upon your landing. This is the last point of tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile. If you mess up your landing you can mess up your whole game. So always choose your landing spot wisely and try to reach faster from other players. For faster landing and touching ground you can use this trick:

When you jump from the plane always try to jump from the shortest distance possible. Then when you click the jump button and slide the cursor in a tilted direction. It helps to get maximum distance and fast and helps you to reach your destination faster from others. This is most useful tip for getting the max out of your game.

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So this was all about the best tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile. Hope you liked the article. Do comment any questions or suggestions in comments section below.


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