Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date, Price, And Features

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date, Price, And Features:

So, after a successful launch of Samsung S10 series. Samsung has now started the development of its next series. Samsung will be launching the 5G variant of its S10 series in April first week. So, we are very excited to test the 5G variants of Samsung when the services get launched in India. But in this article, we will discuss Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date, Price, And Features in brief.

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date:

So as Samsung has a trend to launch its Flagships in the first tier of the year. So, we can expect Samsung Galaxy S11+ in next year first or second months.

It means next year a new innovation with a brand new design will be exhibited by Samsung. Samsung S10 Plus has a very eye-catching design itself. It in-hole camera setup look very premium and futuristic.

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date, Price, And Features

The smartphone is designed very carefully and beautifully. Though it is a little bit heavy in hand, a good case can cover it. Samsung S10+ is tagged as “Best Android Smartphone of 2019″ by many experts.

So, Samsung Galaxy S11+ is going to be one hell of a smartphone next year when it gets launched by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Price:

Now coming to the price range of Samsung Galaxy S11+. So it might be priced around 70,000 for its starting base variant with less storage and RAM. While the higher variants can go up to 95,000 to 1,00,000. The amounts look a little hefty but considering the build quality and specification Samsung provides in the smartphone are also mesmerizing.

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Features:

While in specifications if Samsung galaxy has all best in class features. Then it is very much expected that next year when Samsung Galaxy S11+ gets launched. The features are also going to be the best.

Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date

Samsung will be launching S11+ with the latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. We might see a 10 or 12GB RAM variant next year in Samsung S11 lineup.

While in optics next year there might be a trend of quad camera setups. So Samsung Galaxy S11+ also will be having a quad camera setup for getting you the best photos of your life journey. The smartphones are IP rated so they are dust and water resisted to the best extent.

While on the screen we might see a full screen with the camera being placed at a new place in the smartphone. Also, it will be running on the latest updates of Android Q next year.

So, we can only wait for next year for Samsung Galaxy S11+ Launch Date and its features. But we can assure that S11+ will be the best smartphone ever made by Samsung.


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