PUBG Mobile Subscription Prime And Prime Plus Explained

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PUBG Mobile Subscription:

So PUBG Mobile has now launched a brand new way to get more items for less price. It has launched its Prime and Prime Plus Subscription system. In these players are going to get a lot of benefits for them. Both of the subscriptions are very less and can be easily bought from PUBG Mobile. In this article, we have discussed these subscriptions in PUBG Mobile Subscription Prime and Prime Plus.

PUBG Mobile Prime Subscription:

The prime subscription is cheaper among the two. It costs around 85 INR. Both of the subscriptions are on a monthly basis. It means they need to be redeemed after the completion of each month. Prime subscription has two major benefits for players. In it, a player can purchase items with BP for 7 days and 30 days rent basis. While the other benefits it that you will be getting 5 UC on a daily basis for the whole month. It will be a total of 150 UC after a month in your account.



It is a major chance for players who want to get UC at cheaper prices. So, if you want to get this just open your offers section and there you can buy it very easily.

PUBG Mobile Subscription

PUBG Mobile Plus Subscription:

This can be said as the best offer to date from PUBG Mobile. It has loads of benefits for players and that too for a very reasonable price. It costs only 400 INR and is currently on offer. So, you might need to hurry before the offer runs out and the price gets risen to 850 INR. You will get 300 UC right after you buy this subscription. It will also gift you one Rename Card, 2 Crate Coupons and 1 Advanced Room Card.

In this subscription a player will be getting the following benefits:

  • A total of 600 UC will be given to you on a daily basis by 20 UC daily method.
  • You can purchase items with BP for 7 days, 30 days and for permanent.
  • It will also award 10 RP points daily.
  • Many daily discounts on various items across the shop.
  • You will get flat 50% off on first classic crate shopping.

So, if you are looking to get some good items in PUBG Mobile then this is the best moment.

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