PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards And Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards And Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards:

So, PUBG Mobile Season 5 is just about to end. And PUBG Mobile season 6 is just around the corner now. PUBG Mobile Season 5 gave us many new layouts and weapon skins. There were many new cool skins for vehicles too in this season. But now with the change of season players, expectations are very high from PUBG Mobile.  In this article, we will discuss PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards and how to get them.

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PUBG Mobile Season 6 Release Date:

If we go by the trend then PUBG mobile season 5 will end on 15th March. So, season 6 will start from 2-3 days from that. It means in a week or two PUBG Mobile will release its rewards for season 6. Also, new Royal Pass missions will be also introduced when season 6 will get released. So we can only wait to see how much PUBG Mobile will become more interesting now on.

How To Get Season 6 Rewards:

With a new season starting and being the 1st anniversary for PUBG Mobile. There are slight chances of players getting many new legendary skins for free for a limited time. It is for those players who cannot afford a Royal pass for free. You just need to download the latest update of PUBG Mobile right when it gets released.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards And Skins

PUBG Mobile season will end on 15th March 2019. After that PUBG Mobile releases its new Season updates and it gets shuts down for a day It means from between 17th to 20th March Season 6 rewards will be announced.

Currently many rewards with lots of rewards already going on in PUBG Mobile. There is a special skin for bike available in PUBG Mobile. And also its PUBG mobile’s first-anniversary theme going on in PUBG Mobile. It can be purchased with the help of UC in PUBG Mobile.

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In season 6 of PUBG Mobile, you can get lots of customization for your player. As there is news for a special customization option for your player in PUBG Mobile. In which you can customize your player’s hairstyles and other face structure with more new modes.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards And Skins

So that was all about in this article of PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Rewards. Hope you liked the article.

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