PUBG Mobile: Season 6 Leaks And More Updates

New Updates In PUBG Mobile For Season 6 Royal Pass

Season 6 Leaks And More Updates:

So, Season 5 is almost done, players are getting ready to welcome Season 6. PUBG Mobile will be soon launching the announce dates and rewards for Season 6. There are many new surprises waiting for players in Season 6. More new clothes, customized weapon skins, and new Royal Pass rewards are waiting for players with Season 6 starting. In this article, we will discuss major Season 6 Leaks And More Updates.

New Clothes And Layouts:

There are major chances of many new clothes being announced in new Season of PUBG Mobile. Many new Legendary and Epic items will be made available for players to be bought.


Season 6 Leaks And More Updates


And make their in-game player more cool looking. Layouts are also to be increased in PUBG Mobile. So that players can change their clothes when they are in the lobby before the match starts.


New Gun Skins:

In this season more guns will get more customized skins. It will make fightings look cooler than they eventually do. In this way, PUBG Mobile is making the game more awesome for many players.


Season 6 Leaks And More Updates


There are many skins already available for players to make their guns and other items look more specialized. Many guns will get brand new skins so that they get more used during battles. As currently, most players like to use very specific guns in combats. Which is reducing the importance of other guns in the game.



New Vehicle Skins:

In this season many vehicles will also get more new skins. So that driving them becomes cooler than before, It makes a player look more professional when he has a skin applied vehicle for himself.


Season 6 Leaks And More Updates


So get ready for the new season and the rewards and updates coming with it. Season 6 will start from 20th March and will rock it.




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