PUBG Mobile: Season 6 Announcement And Rewards For Royal Pass

PUBGSeason 6 Announcement And Rewards Mobile Season 6

Season 6 Announcement And Rewards PUBG Mobile:

So, season 5 is about to end in PUBG Mobile. It means new season with new skins and layouts will arrive in PUBG Mobile. So that game can be more interesting and fun to play. PUBG Mobile has now a very high number of players who like to buy Elite Royal Pass. It is making a lot of money for PUBG Mobile. In this article, we will discuss the major Season 6 Announcement And Rewards we are going to get in PUBG Mobile.

Season 6 Announcement And Rewards

What To Expect in New Season:

In this season with PUBG Mobile’s First anniversary being celebrated, we can expect a few free legendary skins to be made available for free. It will help many new players to make more interest in the game. Which will make the game initially more popular among people. As of today, the game is very viral throughout the whole world.

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Season 6 Announcement And Rewards


It means that players might get many new free clothes or weapon skins for free. FOr this PUBG Mobile will be starting an event. As currently there is an event going on for the celebration of PUBG Mobile’s first anniversary. In which for completion of the event mission a special cap is being gifted to players.

PUBG Mobile’s season 6 will be starting from 16th or 17th March. And we are very excited to see what PUBG Mobile is going to launch in the game.

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There is expected to be a stable version of Vikendi being released with this update in PUBG Mobile. As there are still lots of bugs in the Vikendi(beta) stage. So many players usually don’t prefer to play this map.



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