PMCO Semi-Finals Results: Team Soul And Hydra Steals The Show

PMCO Semi-Finals Results
PMCO Semi-Finals Results

So, yesterday PUBG Mobile Club Open’s Indian Division Semi-Finals were held. There was a total of four matches played between top 16 teams of India Division. All four matches were full action-packed and many teams gained new positions in the ranking table as some of them lost their positions in the points table. So let’s start our article in which we have discussed on PMCO Semi-Finals Results.

PMCO Results:

So out of four matches played Team Soul And Team Hydra won 2 matches each for themselves. Team Soul won the first and fourth match of the Semi-Finals with a good number of kills which then gave quite good kill points. Team Hydra won the second and third matches respectively. Though Team Brawlers was also playing very excellently. But they cannot get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in any of the matches.

From Team Soul, Mortal and Owais were playing were aggressively and Rouank And Viper were providing them good cover. In the first match, Team Soul got into a very good position in a compound and when it came to a heal battle they got the chicken dinner. While in the second and third game they were not able to execute their strategies efficiently and they get killed very soon. But in the fourth match, they came very strong and played very aggressively. As they pushed a good number of squads to get the final chicken dinner for themselves.

While Team Hydra remained very consistent throughout the four matches. They were more focused on getting more and more kill points and better positions.

Final Standings Of PMCO Semi-Finals:

PMCO Semi-Finals Results
PMCO Semi-Finals Results

Though Finals date and exact timings have not revealed yet. But it is expected the finals are going to be held in July for the Asia division.  So let’s wait it out and see which team will make it to the top. DO comment your favorite team and favorite player in the comment section below.


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