New Updates In PUBG Mobile For Season 6 Royal Pass

New Updates In PUBG Mobile For Season 6 Royal Pass

New Updates In PUBG Mobile For Season 6 Royal Pass:

So, finally PUBG Mobile has announced the final date of its new Season 6. PUBG Mobile will release the latest update on 20th March. It will be available while with no maintenance break. Which means the update will be live without any server issues or game going to offline for a day or more. The locked RP will be also unlocked during the update. So, in this article, we will discuss all major New Updates In PUBG Mobile For Season 6 Royal Pass.

What’s New In This Update:

In Royal Pass Season 6:

For Royal Pass lovers this season is going to be the best of all. Many new updates will be pushed in this season for Royal Pass buyers. Now a player can view the rankings of the entire region from his Royal Pass Information Page. He can also view his friends Royal Pass information directly from there.


Now anybody buying an Elite Plus Royal Pass will have an edge over others. As he will get more additional benefits and rewards besides gaining 25 ranks. It will be a great gift for Elite Plus Royal Pass holders this season.

In this season many new updates have been done to Weekly Challenges. As they will award more points than previous seasons. And those rewards can be collected with just one tap. As it becomes very time-consuming to collect them one by one.

Anniversary Gifts:

With the 1st anniversary of PUBG Mobile is going on. Many new rewards for this season are also going to be released. There will be colorful birthday parties and cakes on the spawn islands.

If you light fireworks during the match you will get crates. They can be used to get anniversary gifts after the match ends. It will be great fun to get more anniversary rewards this season.

Other Major Tweaks:

Dynamic Weather:

There will be a special dynamic weather condition in both Erangel And Miramar in this update.

New Updates In PUBG Mobile For Season 6 Royal Pass

It will be fun to play on your favorite map with changes dynamics of its weather.

New Weapon:

A special 5.56mm based Assault Rifle is going to be available in Vikendi map. It will be replacing Scar-L from vikendi. It is a very stable gun and can kill your enemies in an instant.

New Vehicle:

A new three-wheeled Rickshaw named Tukshai is also going to be available in Sanhok.

New Updates In PUBG Mobile For Season 6 Royal Pass

It will replace Jeep, Mini Bus and Dacia from the map.

So, these were all major updates in the new update of PUBG Mobile season 6. Stay tuned for more updates.

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