How To Use Vibrant Eggs In PUBG Mobile

Use Vibrant Eggs In PUBG Mobile:

So hey guys welcome to another post of Technocurrent. In this article, we will be discussing a new feature of PUBG Mobile. Many players are getting a vibrant egg during their gameplay. Now many of you are thinking that what is the use of this egg in the game. So, in this article, I will be discussing on how to Use Vibrant Eggs In PUBG Mobile.

Vibrant egg In PUBG Mobile:

So there is no major use of that egg in PUBG Mobile for now. As when you go in the inventory it shows something like this in the image.

Use Vibrant Eggs In PUBG Mobile

It is only written so many colors. It is just limited to this and we just cannot get any major meaning out of it.


Some of the people on Youtube are saying that the egg can be used to get more eggs in the Spring Draw section. But personally, I dont think this is the right logic. As I have more than 5 vibrant eggs but I can not break the egg from Spring Draw section now. As breaking these eggs gives various crate coupons to players.

Use Vibrant Eggs In PUBG Mobile

So it is fake news and if you see any youtube misleading you dont get fooled.

It is mainly a future update or something that player might redeem the eggs for anything. So just wait for PUBG Mobile to officially announce how to use these vibrant eggs.

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