How To Get Companion In PUBG Mobile(Easiest Method)

Get Companion In PUBG Mobile

Get Companion In PUBG Mobile:

So if you are also searching the whole web for information on companion option in PUBG Mobile. Then you are at right place. I have gathered all the important information related to this topic. Companion has been introduced in many battle royale games a few months ago. It was also introduced in Free Fire in which players were gettings cats, dogs and other animals or birds as their companion. In this article, we will discuss how to Get Companion In PUBG Mobile.

Get Companion In PUBG Mobile

What Is Companion:

In PUBG Mobile’s recent update a new section of eagle faced icon was opened. Though it is available in the global stable version of the game. Whenever a player taps on this eagle icon a message gets popped up. It says that ActiveCompanion Not Found.

From this, we can expect that in the next following updates we might get to see this feature in PUBG Mobile. Hence will be an eagle as an ActiveCompanion in PUBG Mobile. Though I was able only to gather this much information about this feature in PUBG Mobile. But we might get to see more features about a companion in PUBG Mobile’s upcoming updates.

Get Companion In PUBG Mobile

What To Expect from Companion:

In various forums and videos, people have some guesses about this feature. Some of them were saying that with the help of a high-level companion player might use it to spot other players from above. But this will overpower many players who can level up their companion. So it won’t be possible. Also only player himself will be able to see the companion and other players will not be able to see the companion. The eagle companion is expected to be placed on the right shoulder of the player.


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