How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile And Improve Graphics Quality

fix lag in PUBG Mobile
fix lag in PUBG Mobile

​How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile:


In PUBG Mobile, players have lots of graphics settings to play within the game. In this post, you will come across the best graphics settings for PUBG Mobile. Also, I have discussed on Anti-Aliasing feature in the graphics menu of PUBG Mobile. So, read the full article to clear all your doubts on the best graphics settings for PUBG Mobile. If you want to enhance your gameplay in PUBG Mobile, you must have a good sense of what graphics settings you should use in the game for a better experience. As lesser frame rates will get you killed more easily in PUBG Mobile game. So, let’s start our article in which we have discussed on how to fix lag In PUBG Mobile.

What Is Anti-Aliasing In PUBG Mobile:

A PUBG Mobile player must have seen an option in the graphics settings known as Anti-Aliasing. Most of the players do not know what this feature does this to the gameplay of a player. Anti-Aliasing is a graphic feature which helps to make your in-game elements like houses, vehicles much sharper than before. From this, the Frames Per Second Rate of your smartphone decreases rapidly as the smartphone’s processor works more on making the game quality better rather than increasing Frame Rates of your game.

How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile And Improve Graphics Quality
How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile And Improve Graphics Quality

If frame rates are high, then a player can have a much better in-game experience for yourself. But, if a player has enabled Anti-Aliasing and your smartphone is not of that much good quality, then he will experience more lags and stutters in the game.

A player will experience more render lags, as your frame rates will drop rapidly as more players come near him in the game. While if a player has a better smartphone, then he can have his Anti-Aliasing enabled as the smartphones CPU and GPU can handle the game in a much better way. Otherwise, it is recommended to keep your anti-aliasing feature disabled to get better gameplay experience.

Need For Better Frame Rates:

So, now the question arises why does a player need good frame rates with graphics in PUBG Mobile. If a player is playing in smooth and low frame rates setting you will feel that the game seems to work in a very choppy way. It means a player will have less time to shoot other players in the game. While, if another player has a good device with more Frame Rates, then he will have more time to aim and shoot you as he will get much more frames rates per second on his device.

Best Graphics Settings In PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile has added various in-game graphics options for players to play. But then Frames Rate also matters the most in the game. If you have a good smartphone which can handle high graphics while maintaining the Frame Rate, then he can go for high graphic settings.

But, if a player looking to get more Frames Rates(Upto 60 FPS), then the best graphics settings are Smooth+Extreme. While playing in these graphics, a player will get the maximum possible graphics with great smoothness in the game. If a player has a low-end smartphone and faces often more lags, then he can now play PUBG Mobile Lite, as it requires low specifications.

Best Graphics Settings for PUBG Mobile
Best Graphics Settings for PUBG Mobile

The same applies to PUBG Mobile Emulator players. If a player has good gaming setup for your PC, then he can play in your desired graphics settings or maximum possible settings in the game. But a player has a budget PC setup, then he should also follow the Smooth+Extreme settings for better gameplay.

For Better Graphics: HDR+Extreme

For Better FPS: Smooth+Extreme


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