How To Change Name In PUBG Mobile With Name Card

How To Change Name In PUBG Mobile

How To Change Name In PUBG Mobile:

Nowadays PUBG Mobile fever is on everyone’s mind. Whether children or adults everyone just loves playing PUBG Mobile. People are becoming more professional day by day in PUBG Mobile. More and More people are now buying Elite Royal Passes and making clans. But the main thing of today’s article is that How To Change Name In PUBG Mobile with Name Card and how to get one.

What Is Name Card:

A name card is a special item in PUBG Mobile which lets you change your player’s name. It can be used when you are in a clan and decides to change your name according to clan names. As we can see many people have names according to their clans like SOUL, HYDRA etc.

How To Change Name In PUBG Mobile

How To Buy A Name Card:

To buy a name card you must have UC bought in your PUBG Mobile account. For this you can read this article on:

There was an offer a few days ago in which Rename Card was available for only 85 INR. It was the best way to get a rename card for yourself at the lowest price. Otherwise, a rename card costs around 180 UC which costs around 200 to 300 INR.

How To Change Name In PUBG Mobile

So if you also want to change your name in PUBG Mobile just head to the Shop and buy one. Then go to Inventory and use it. That’s all you need to do.




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