Top 5 Games For PC With 4GB RAM(2018-19)

So welcome to post #10 of Technocurrent. Here we will be discussing which are the best 5 games for PC with 4GB RAM in recent times. So you have bought a new PC or already have one then this post might be helpful for you. In this article, I have shortlisted best games for PC with 4GB RAM and which you can play smoothly. As we know there are thousands of games available on the internet to download. So I have made a list of the best 5 games that you can play on your PC without any problems.

SO let’s start the article:

 Best 5 Games For PC With 4GB RAM:

1] Battlefield 3:

With various roles to play including a US Marine, Super Hornet officer, a Tank operator, and other major parts. It is tagged as one of the best First Person Shooter game. Really intense gameplay with a lot of action and guns made it the best game to be downloaded on a 4GB RAM PC. Its graphics quality is very high but can work on PC having 4 GB of RAM. Other requirements are processor must be higher than Intel core-i3. It can help in smooth gameplay and can prevent any lags during the game. It was launched in 2011 all platforms including Play-stations, Xbox 360 and Windows.

Games For PC With 4GB RAM(2018-19)

Here we will be discussing the single player version of the game. As its requirements are less than the Multiplayer version of the game. So if you are going to download or buy the Battlefield 3 game, go for a single player version. I will be providing the download link of the game below.

Download LINK.


2] Sniper Ghost Warrior 3:

On number 2 is one of my personal favorite games Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. As I have played the game it was an awesome sniping experience throughout the game. Lots of Sniper Rifles to choose from and complete action-filled gameplay makes it best Sniper shooting game ever.

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It is a First Person tactical shooter game. There are plenty of missions to complete which can be found after completing previous missions. It can be played in High Graphics even in a 4GB RAM PC.

Download LINK HERE.

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3] PES 2013:

For a football lover, PES 2013 is a treat. Smooth gameplay and various options and modes to play makes it ideal to be played on PCs with 4GB of RAM. It has various tournaments and campaigns to be played. The only requirement is of a controller. And then you are good to go. Playing PES 2013 on PC is a visual treat. New-new celebrations and goal styles are added.

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Download LINK HERE.



4] Far Cry 3:

One of the best open world game made for PC and other platforms was Far Cry 3. It is a visual treat to gamers who like to play open world games. It is also a First Person Shooter game with Role Playing and strategies to use. There are lots of items in the game. Various guns including Assault rifles, Snipers and grenades are there in the game to be used and can be bought. There are loads of various vehicles like jeeps, quad bikes and boats. Many vehicles are equipped with guns to make gameplay even more intensive.

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As you are completing your missions new weapons and items are unlocked. It can be played with help of mouse and a keyboard. So if you want to give it a try download link is below.

Download LINK HERE.


5] Assassin’s Creed (Any version):

Though there are various versions of this game. But one we will be discussing here is Assassin’s Creed Unity. It was initially made for low budgeted PCs. The graphics can be set to high even on low-end PCs. It is also an open world game with Role Playing and Simulation features in it.

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Download LINK HERE.



Other Mentions:

Though these are not only the best games to be played out there on low-end PCs. There are other various games that you can play on your PC even with 4GB of RAM. So here are more Games For PC With 4GB RAM which you also try and play for free.

  • Call of Duty series
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • WWE 2K15

Do give these games also a try and tell us your experiences in the comments section. We will be happy to hear your stories and reviews.

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