Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider; Ultimate Guide

Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider
Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider

​Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider:


PUBG Mobile has now its player base with millions. Various players across the world spend most of their time playing PUBG Mobile and perfecting their skills to become better. PUBG Mobile has conquered so many records in terms of a Battle Royale game that no other battle Royale game has ever done. In this article, you will come across the ultimate guide on Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider.

A player must have a perfect sense of the use of attachments available in PUBG Mobile. Some of the major attachments available in PUBG Mobile are Compensator, Flash Hider, and Suppressor. But many players don’t know how to use these attachments on guns they use in the game. All of these three attachments get equipped on the front of the guns and play an important role in how guns usually work or fire.

A flash hider usually hides the flash coming out of the muzzle when you fire bullets. Whereas a Suppressor hides the sound of the gun to a great extent and a compensator helps to cut the recoil of the gun.


So, the compensator is also known as Muzzle Brake in Military terms. And, as PUBG Mobile is close to a realistic game, its developers have tried to make it more perfect by adding the same functionalities of the firearms equipment. The main work of the compensator is to control the recoil of any semi-automatic or fully automatic gun when equipped. Compensator helps to control the kickback when the gun is quickly fired.

Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider
Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider


In PUBG Mobile, the compensator gets equipped on guns which have high recoil in them. Mostly guns with 7.62mm ammo have higher recoil and are more difficult to control. So, if a player is using an AKM or M762 or any other 7.62mm based gun, it is best recommended to use a compensator on the gun than suppressor or flash hider.

A compensator which greatly reduces the recoil of the gun and will help you to connect more shots to the enemy. As when a player hasn’t trained recoil control and shots he might miss various shots and die more easily.


Another great equipment available in PUBG Mobile is suppressor. A suppressor is a great equipment when you want to kill an enemy far away from you without giving out your place. As the name suggests, it suppresses your gun sounds. It becomes very helpful when you don’t want to give out your place to your enemies and still want to have shots on them.

Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider
Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider

A suppressor is a great attachment for Miramar as it is a bigger map and players can use suppressor to kill enemies far away without losing their positions. A suppressor hides your gun shoot sign in the map from distance more than 100 meters. It means if you are using the gun with a suppressor attached enemies are not able to get your gun shoot sign on the map.

A great example of the suppressed gun is VSS. VSS is pre-equipped with a suppressor and when it fires it is very difficult to spot where the shots are coming. And you can kill your enemies more easily without getting spotted. Hence, if you are eying to kill distant enemies, then you better use a suppressor

Flash Hider:

A flash hider works very differently from a suppressor or a compensator. As its main task is to just hide the spark or lightning coming out of the muzzle of the gun. It is great equipment in night mode in PUBG Mobile, as players become unable to see your firing place when multiple shots fires.

Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider
Compensator vs Suppressor vs Flash Hider

Flash Hider is also very helpful when you are prone and firing shots at the enemy. Flash Hider will hide the flash of your gun’s muzzle and won’t show your prone position. This way you will be able to kill more enemies before letting them know your positions.

So, now you know how these attachments work and what purpose they serve. It will be easier for you now to use them more wisely in the game.

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