Best PUBG Mobile Players In India 2019 (No Emulators)

Best PUBG Mobile Players In India

Best PUBG Mobile Players In India:

The craze for PUBG Mobile in India has reached a whole new level nowadays. Many new Youtube streamers have grown very fast in this period with their impressive gameplay. Some of them are representing India at international levels too. Many new young players are also coming forward with their fast reflexes and strategies in the game. But now we will discuss who are Best PUBG Mobile Players In India who does not play on Emulators. Though this list isn’t based on rating so if your favorite player isn’t on the list mention him in the comments section below.

NOTE: This list is based on personal opinions. As there are many players who don’t own a Youtube Channel or any other source but have good PUBG Mobile gaming skills.

Best PUBG Mobile Players:

1] Mortal:

This boy from Navi Mumbai has taken to the popularity of the game to a whole new level. His gameplay and strategies are now well known to all. He belongs to SOUL clan of PUBG Mobile. His real name is Naman Mathur.

Best PUBG Mobile Players In India

He with his teammates can easily wipe the whole squad in a few seconds. They got fame from a PUBG Mobile tournament win held at Mumbai named Dream-Hack. All of the SOUL showed impressive gameplay and won it. Now they have qualified for another tournament’s Final and they are the most favored team of the tournament.

Currently Mortal has over a Million plus Subscribers on his youtube channel. Also, he has 220k followers on Instagram too.

2] SOUL Owais:

This player from SOUL clan is also another very good player of PUBG Mobile. He has mastered the 5 Finger Claw control and has very fast reflexes in shooting in PUBG Mobile. He currently plays with Mortal in his squad. His rush skills are very impressive and can take on full squad very easily. He won the Solo Match held at Dreamhack competition.

Best PUBG Mobile Players In India

3] 8bit Thug:

He is the leader of the squad which represented India at PMSC held in Dubai. though they didn’t win the competition they impressed many people with tactical moves. They won the final round at PMSC. His whole squad is very good at playing PUBG Mobile.

4] Iconic:

He is well known to all people who watch Mortal streams on Youtube. His skills are also very impressive in the game. His clutching skills in PUBG Mobile are very excellent and can win any game on his own.

5] Nova:

Another player who was in SOUL Clan and plays with Mortal is Nova gaming. He also has very good reflex action in PUBG mobile and along with his squad, he is also very difficult to kill in PUBG mobile. Currently, he has his own Youtube channel and plays with various PUBG mobile streamers.

6] Experiment Gaming:

He lives in Chandigarh and streams almost daily at night. His commentry is very good and fun to listen and watch. He is a very good sniper in PUBG Mobile and has very good tactical skills. He has a Youtube channel with over 25k plus subscribers.


  • Animesh Agarwal
  • Mad Dogg
  • Sakriya Puri
  • Amit Sharma




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