Best Men’s Face-wash for every skin type in India

   Your face is the best part of your personality. If you look good whatever you do looks good. So, A man always needs to work on his face so that it reflects his personality. For that, a great facewash is the first need of every man. A good face wash helps a man to keep his face clean and healthy. So in this post, we have discussed Top 5 Best Men’s Face-wash available in India.

  ” The Face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the Heart”

Best Men’s Face-Wash:

  • For Oily Skin:

If you have oily skin then you have quite a pimpled skin. As oily skin comes with an attraction for lots of bacteria and viruses. And when it happens pimples happen. So to counter these problems following Face-Washes are best recommended:

1] Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash:

One of the best face wash for oily skin available in the market. This Face-Wash comes with ingredients that are specially made for the prevention of oil building on the skin.

Best Men's Face-wash
It costs around 200-300 and also available on online stores.


2] Himalaya Men Intense Oil Clear Face Wash:

Another face wash which targets oily skin and has very natural constituents used in it. It comes with lemon extracts and has lots of natural abilities to prevent oily skin and makes skin more smooth.

Best Men's Face-wash

It is available for 100-150 at both online and offline stores.



  • For Dry Skin:

1] Dove Beauty Moisturizing Face Wash For Men:

If you have a dry and rough skin type then your face is pimple free but it looks duller. As your skins remain dry it does not moisturizes well and hence looks more dull and loose.

Best Men's Face-wash

Hence this face wash from Dove is a great treat for your skin as it comes with moisturization abilities inbuilt. It makes skin look more young and fresh by removing the dullness from it. To buy it visit the link below:



2] Garnier Gentle Soothing Face Wash:

Garnier is one of the best companies in face care. Its gentle soothing face wash is completely made for people with dry skin. As dry skin makes our face more dull and inactive.

Best Men's Face-wash

This face wash helps in making our face more energized and dryness free. To buy it visit the link below.



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  • For Mixed Type:

1] Garnier skin natural pure active neem face wash:

One of the best Face washes for nourishment purposes. It comes with all types of anti-fungal ingredients which helps in clearing germs from your skin. It helps in refreshing your face and leaves a cooling effect on your face skin.

Best Men's Face-wash



2] Nivea purifying face wash for combination skin:

For better deep cleansing and nourishment of face skin, this face wash is best recommended. It leaves a smooth effect after you wash your face. It cost only around 150 and can be bought from all major stores both online and offline.

Best Men's Face-wash



  • For Pimple Prone Skin:

1] Garnier Men Acno Fight Face Wash:

At last, if you have a very pimple prone skin and don’t know about your face type just try this face wash. It will have a very good effect on your skin and helps in fast removal of pimples from your face. It is highly recommended for men who have lots of pimples on their face. Hence it concludes the list of Best Men’s Face-wash in India.

Best Men's Face-wash



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So it was all about what are Best Men’s Face-wash for every type of skin. Hope this list helps you to remove any type of impurities on your face. And you shine like a Rockstar.


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