Artificial Intelligence Implementation: AI All Around Us

Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Artificial Intelligence Implementation: AI all around us

So in the current time, Artificial Intelligence used in every field. We can see AI being used in various places. We have various electrical appliances being used with these kinds of technologies. In this article, we have discussed the importance of Artificial Intelligence Implementation around us.

Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Now the current time we saw Artificial intelligence in everywhere from the cooking of food to driving an autopilot car. So here is the following implementations where the artificial intelligence used.

  • Self Driving Cars:

AI has a big role in self-driving cars. In these cars AI analysis that the road that there is no animal or human in front of the car, the road cameras which is used the track the speed of driver moreover when in the long ride when the driver got tired from driving then AI assist human.

  • Use in Houses:

  • Its have also a big role in houses. There is a motherboard which is named as Arduino it is a small AI supported computer. The use of this thing is that we can program the control of lights or fans by itself. Like we saw in the Sci-fiction movies that a man claps and all lights in the house were powered up so all these are the Artificial Intelligence.
  • Use in Industries:

  • Its also used in industries like to test the thing that it was damaged or not. Like human can do this but AI can do better than human. Like we know that in industries the speed working is the main key of success for   So human can’t do this work with efficient speed so now in current time the industries which are newly opened they all are fully automated.
  • Use in Cameras: Its the common use of AI like the new phones launches they all have AI supported cameras. So what was the use of this? When we capture the photo the cameras know that which thing we capture on the camera that it was a dog, cat or grass so by considering this the image quality was so amazing. The modes in camera AI beauty mode, effects, etc. Are present on AI operated cameras.
  • Use in the Medical Sector: it was the big use of AI in the Medical Sector. In the X-rays. Some time doctors some mistakes while capturing X-rays so AI notifies him that there is a mistake in the X-ray.

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